How to set up a UPS Baseline account [Step-by-Step guide]

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When setting up a UPS Carrier account, you will have to:

NOTE: This article describes how to set up the Carrier baseline account.
If the Carrier baseline account has already been set up and you intend to add a new Billing Account, refer to: How to add and set up a UPS Billing Account [Step-by-Step guide]

WARNING: If you already registered the account on a techSHIP portal and intend to add it to another one, or intend to add a SOAP account from an already functioning setup, follow the instructions here: How to port a UPS Baseline account from another portal [Step-by-Step guide]


1. Access Plugins and select UPS Register Account

2. Enter the basic information:

  • Account Name: Complete with the account name using the format UPS - [Account number] (e.g. UPS - ABC123)
  • (Optional) Is sandbox: Check if the account will be used for test purposes 

3. Press Register; the system will take you to a UPS external page

4. Complete the UPS login with your UPS Username and Password

5. Accept the terms and conditions

6. Press Log In

Once ready, UPS will redirect you to your techSHIP portal, and the account will be automatically added under Carriers > UPS:

The added account will require additional setup, described below. 


1. Access Maintenance and select Carriers

2. Click the UPS Carrier under which the account was registered

3. Click the Accounts tab

4. Click Edit account

5. In General Options set:

  1. Usage mode -> Production (if you will use it in production mode) 
  2. Status -> Active
  3. Label mode -> ZPL
  4. SCAC -> Carrier/SCAC code you're using in the WMS 

6. In Carrier Options set and Save:


  1. Registration ID -> UPS Key (Automatically completed by the registration process)
  2. Sender address info -> Warehouse induction address


  1. Pickup mode -> Select how the pickup process should be handled (Manual, Regular, Dropoff, etc.)
  2. Contact name -> Warehouse Contact information
  3. Pickup open/close/ready hours -> Warehouse pick up open and pick up close time, as well as Ready Hours (how many hours will it take you to be ready from your open time)
  4. Mail Innovations Customer Number / GUID -> If you need Mail Innovations rates, complete with the Mail Innovations Customer number and GUID as provided by your UPS Representative


Once ready, proceed to setting up the Billing Account as described in:

How to add and set up a UPS Billing Account [Step-by-Step guide]

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