How to configure your techSHIP Portal features [Step-by-Step guide]

Modified on Wed, 22 Nov 2023 at 04:10 PM

Upon deployment, your techSHIP Portal will be configured by a Techdinamics' Implementations team member according to the scope and requirements of your project setup.

Nevertheless, adjustments to this original setup could be required as time goes by.

Your techSHIP Administrator is able to review the portal configuration and make changes if needed.

These features are sub organized and described as detailed below:


NOTE: Changing these settings you will affect the operations of the portal as a whole, be cautious when handling these.


NOTE: You can use the Reset button to reinstate the original setup. 

To access the section you will have to:

1. Open the Admin dropdown

2. Click My Portal

3. Refer to the Sections and fields to enable/disable/adjust features as needed:

GENERAL SECTION (editable fields) 

This section includes the portal setup general fields:

  • Timezone: Determines the portal Timezone, relevant for reports, related calculations, etc.
  • Weight/Dimensions UOM: Determines the unit of measurement to use for both
  • Sequential Print: If checked, it reorganizes batches to print based on sequence
  • Allow duplicate orders: Allows importing duplicate orders
  • Fix postal codes in Import (CA, GB, NL): Qualifies for CA, GB and NL orders only, if checked it reformats postal codes if received in a non-compatible format
  • Convert country from ISO3 to ISO2: If checked it reformats country codes if received in a non-compatible format 
  • WMS update on process: If checked, techSHIP updates the WMS as the order is processed instead of when manifested


This section includes the techSHIP Plus/Enterprise related fields:

  • Allow packing: If checked, it enables the Packing feature for Desktop Client
  • Allow advanced rule mode: If checked, it enables the Advanced Restrictions module at the billing account level
  • Enable Ace Manifest: If checked, it enables Ace Manifest related fields for usage
  • Allow client templates: If checked, it enables the Templates module
  • Allow order management: If checked, it enables the OMR module 
  • Allow markup profiles: If checked, it enables the Markup Profiles module under Maintenance
  • Allow customer items: If checked, it enables the Items module at Client level
  • Allow cartonization: If checked, it enables the Cartonization features
  • Allow quote: If checked, it allows the Quote feature under Orders
  • Enable carrier surcharges: If checked, it enables the Surcharges module under Carriers
  • Allow currency conversion: If checked, it enables the features for currency conversion under Clients and Billing Accounts
  • Allow manifest splitting: If checked, it allows to split manifests 
  • Allow client custom data retention: If checked, it allows to define the data retention threshold
  • Allow order consolidation: If checked, it enables the Consolidation feature at the Batch/Order


This section includes the Desktop Client customizable fields/features:

  • Reimport failed orders on desktop client: If checked, it allows to import failed orders again
  • Show price on order without markup: If checked, it displays the non-marked up shipping cost
  • Disable carton add/remove: If checked, it disables the Add and Delete buttons from the box sections
  • Disable manual box editing: If checked, it disables the capability to edit Box fields 
  • Disable estimate: If checked, it disables the Estimate action
  • Show options: If checked, it shows the Options tab at the order data
  • Show custom fields: If checked, it shows the Custom fields tab at the order data 
  • Allow re-import: If checked, it allows to reimport orders

4. Press Save to apply the changes


The elements in the WMS section are dependent on the WMS selected.

Refer to the WMS Master list and open the Setup Requirements document accordingly:

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