How to Set Shipment Status for Extensiv [Step-by-step guide]

Modified on Mon, 01 Apr 2024 at 12:25 PM

Within Extensiv, shipments received from TechOMS can be in either Open or Completed state. 

Open allows basic order edits to be performed, while Completed prevents basic edits from being performed. You can define the Shipment Status within TechOMS.

This article describes the steps and fields involved in the process.

NOTE: techOMS will only accept the following changes made within Extensiv, including:
- Decreasing the quantity of an item fulfilled
- Deleting an item to be fulfilled
- Changes to the Carrier/Service
- Basic address changes. 
Increasing quantities beyond what was on the original order or adding other items that were not included on the original order are not supported and will result in the shipment failing to import to techOMS, and subsequently, the Sales Channel.


NOTE: Make sure that you are operating at the right Vendor/Warehouse beforehand.

To set the Export Shipment Status you will have to:


1. Click Channels under Fulfillment Channels

2. Click in the Name of the Channel in question

3. Open the Advanced Settings tab

4. In the Export Shipment Status dropdown, select the option accordingly:

  • Open: Allows the shipment to be edited within Extensiv
  • Completed: Doesn't allow the shipment to be edited within Extensiv
  • Do Not Set: Allows Extensiv's Order Queue to determine the shipment status

5. After doing so, press Save to apply the


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