How to create Bundle SKUs [Step-by-Step guide]

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When configuring SKUs, you might need to bundle them.

A Bundle SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a single product ID that represents a combination of multiple products or items that are sold together as a single unit. It's a way to group related products into a single SKU, making it easier to manage inventory, pricing, and sales.

Before you can create a Bundle SKU, you will need to create a Product and a Product variant

NOTE: Both Product and Product variants can have the same name.

This article describes the process of how to do so as follows:

  • Use case description
  • Create Products
  • Create Bundle SKU Variant

NOTE: Make sure that you are operating at the right Vendor/Warehouse beforehand.


As use case, a Phone Bundle including a Wireless Phone, a Phone Case and a Phone Charger will be created.

The Bundle SKU, which will be called Summer Phone Bundle, will include all three products.

At the end of the process, the following should be created:

  • 4 individual SKUs (Summer Phone Bundle, Wireless Phone, Phone Case and Phone Charge)
  • 4 SKU Variants (Summer Phone SKU Bundle, Wireless Phone, Phone Case and Phone Charge)


Each specific Product SKU, including the base Phone Bundle needs to be individually created, so these can be later added to the Bundle SKU. To do so, repeat the steps in How to Create a Product manually [Step-by-step guide] for each of the individual items.

For the Products to be available to be added to the Bundle SKU Variant, these need to have at least a variant of their own. Follow the instructions in How to Add a Product Variant [Step-by-Step guide], selecting Wireless Phone, Phone Case and Phone Charger as the Product respectively and completing the rest of the information accordingly.

Once ready, return to this article to continue with the process.


The Bundle SKU Variant will be the one to group the Wireless Phone, Phone Case and Phone Charger SKUs. The process is done in two parts:

  • Create the SKU Variant: As with the individual SKUs, follow the instructions in How to Add a Product Variant [Step-by-Step guide], selecting Summer Phone Bundle as the Product and completing the rest of the information accordingly
  • Edit the SKU Variant: In order to add the SKUs to the Bundle, follow the steps below to do so

NOTE: Steps 1 and 2 below can be skipped if you are already at the Products screen and Variants tab.

1. Click Products under Inventory

2. Click the Variants tab to see the product variant list (you can use filters if needed)

3. Click the Edit button of the row in question

4. Check the Bundle checkbox to begin the bundle SKU assignment

5. Press the Add button in the Bundle Parts section

6. Define the Variant (write the first letters and pick from the list) and Quantity you will add; repeat the process for as many SKUs you need to add in the bundle

7. Press Save to apply the changes

If successful, the Bundle will be saved and displayed as such as indicated in the Is Bundle column:

NOTE: Before shipment is created and sent to the Fulfillment Channel (WMS), techOMS will break the bundle SKU into components. The feature is thus intended to be used when the warehouse builds the bundle on the fly.

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