Creating and Editing Reports

Modified on Mon, 13 Jan 2014 at 12:09 PM

  1. Open Manage Report menu item under Super Admin.  Note that you need to have appropriate permissions to access this menu and menu items.

  2. A report menu structure is displayed.  Here you can see three panel. The top panel (a) contains the "Save changes" button; bottom left (b) contact action options to add a folder and/or report; the bottom right contains the report structure organized by folders and reports, with the reports located inside folders.

  3. To add a new Folder click on "New Folder" in panel (b) and then drag it to a location of preference within the (c ) panel.

  4. To add a new report select the folder in panel (c ) and click on new Report in panel (b).  Again, drag it to the location of your preference.  This is where the reports will appear in the menu for the users to see.

  5. If you need to edit a folder, right-click on the folder and a pop-up menu will appear.  Edit allows you to rename the folder and add description.  Delete will delete the folder.  Access allows to you specify the role or user that should have permissions to a folder.

  6. Similarly you can Delete or change Access permissions for reports.  The edit menu is a bit different.  You need to specify the Name - what the users will see; and Filename.  The RDL filename supported by the system are files created by SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Teleric Reports.  The SSRS files do not have an extension, but Teleric files are entered with extension ".trdx".  

  7. Access Permissions.  As you type the name of a user or role matching records will appears in a drop-down.  Select the role/user you would like to add to grand the appropriate permissions.  Click OK when finished adding roles/users to close the dialog box.

  8. Continue making change to other menus and folders.  When finished do not forget to save all the changes by clicking "Save Changes" in panel (a), step 2

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