Whenever you print your labels, you can enable up to 4 different references to add on it, depending on which ones the selected carrier supports.

The values supported are the following:

  • Pick order #
  • Customer order #
  • Customer PO
  • Warehouse SKU (Limited Support)
  • Customer SKU (Limited Support)
  • Container No
  • RF Container No

This information is set on the billing accounts of each client.

If you have several billing accounts for a client, you will have to set them up individually, allowing you to have different references for each carrier under that same client if required.

Feel free to follow this video guide, or the step-by-step procedure written below.

To select which of these references appear on the label:

  1. Access the Clients section under the Maintenance dropdown

  2. Edit the Billing Account to which you want to set up the label references

  3. Select the references you wish to add to your labels in the reference 1 to 4 fields

  4. Press Save to apply the changes

NOTE: As mentioned before, if you have more billing accounts for that customer, set them up as well with the references that apply to that case.