How to set up a FedEx Baseline account [Step-by-Step guide]

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When setting up an FedEx Carrier account, you will have to:

NOTE: This article describes how to set up the Carrier baseline account.
If the Carrier baseline account has already been set up and you intend to 
add a new Billing Account, refer to: How to add and set up a FedEx Billing Account [Step-by-Step guide]


The Fedex account setup consists of several stages, not only as techSHIP setup, but also on operations within the FedEx Web Services platform.

Besides of having the account set up at your Techship Portal, you’ll have to send the labels for review and approval to FedEx’s WIS team.

There is information defined by you, as well as FedEx

Once the labels are approved, and the testing account has been tested properly, you can start using the production account. The process is the following:


To begin the process, you’ll need to access FedEx’s site with your FedEx credentials in order to request Production keys

These keys will be used for the Carrier setup and the Client information within TechShip, allowing you to enable usage of the shipping services.

Before accessing, it’s important to understand who provides what information in the process:



  • Production Meter (to you, upon keys request)
  • Production Key (to you, upon keys request)
  • Production Password (to the FedEx Main contact via e-mail, who should forward the FedEx e-mail to you if you're not it)

Now that you know what's the source of the full set of keys, let's review the steps to get them:


Login to FedEx ( with your Username and Password.



First of all: What is the Production Key? It’s the actual credential (together with more information which will be mentioned) with which TechShip will connect with the Carrier and through which you will operate.

Let’s see how to get them:

  1. Access the Move to Production section and request the Production Keys
  2. The FedEx system will guide you through a 5 step process:

    a) Define your application profile as defined in the following screenshot and press continue:

    b) Comply and accept the terms of the license agreement and continue.

    c) Specify the contact info (will display your current contact information), where you’ll have to press continue if no modifications are required. Do not make changes unless necessary.

    d) Continue on the Developer info screen.

    e) Receive the Developer Key and Meter. The main contact will receive an e-mail with the remaining information.

  3. The main contact will receive an e-mail with the Production Password associated with that key. Save it with the information you already got in the previous step.

     The mail will include:
    1. URL (we don’t use it)
    2. Production Password: The one related to the key
    3. Shipping account number: Your account number
    4. Meter number: Number associated with the process

You won’t be able to move forward in the techShip setup process without the information forwarded by the main contact to you. After doing so, you’re all set getting the information you need from FedEx to begin the setup on TechSHIP’s side.

If you're not the main contact and while you wait for a reply, you can reach FedEx WIS team to approve the account for usage.

You will have to reach them via e-mail to with a message including the following elements:


FedEx Label Certification - [COMPANY NAME]


Good afternoon,

Please find attached the labels for [COMPANY NAME].

Please also enable Address Validation services for the account.



  • WIS Cover Letter (download here or from the FedEx received e-mail), complete the data as:
    • 9 Digit Account Number: Production Account number
    • Production Authentication Key: Production Key
    • Production Meter Number: Production Meter Number
    • Company Name: Account owner's Company name
    • Company Contact Name: Your name
    • Email Address: Your e-mail
    • Leave the rest empty or the way it currently is
    • Rename the file substituting the placeholder with your company name    
  • Test Labels (send the 4 label set, download from here)
    • Rename the file substituting the placeholder with your company name
    • Attach the 4 label files as such (not compressed or in any other format)

It will look something like this:

After filing the information, FedEx will reply and enable the account for usage in 24-48 hours time.

You will get (most of the time) two e-mails:

  • One notifying you the labels and account are approved
  • Another one (most of the time) confirming the keys have been activated

You can move forward with the setup (if you already have the Production Password) after you get the first e-mail.


1. Access Maintenance and select Carriers

2. Click the Carrier for which you'll add the account to from the list

3. Click the Accounts tab

4. Click Add Account

5. In General Options set:

  1. Name -> FedEx - [Account number] (e.g. FedEx - 123456789)
  2. Usage mode -> Production (if you will use it in Production mode, if you'll use in Test Mode, you need a whole separate set of Test API Keys) 
  3. Status -> Active
  4. Label mode -> ZPL
  5. SCAC -> Carrier/SCAC code you're using in the WMS 

6. In Carrier Options set and Save:
  1. Account Number -> FedEx Production Account number 
  2. Meter Number -> FedEx Production Meter number 
  3. User Key -> FedEx Production Key
  4. User Password -> FedEx Production Key
  5. Sender address info -> Warehouse induction address
  6. Pick Up Open, Close and Ready Hours time -> Warehouse pick up open and pick up close time, as well as Ready Hours (how many hours will it take you to be ready from your open time)
  7. Hub ID -> To be detailed if you're using SmartPost

Once ready, proceed to setting up the Billing Account as described in:

How to add and set up a FedEx Billing Account [Step-by-Step guide]

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