How to Create a Sales Order [Step-by-step guide]

Modified on Wed, 29 Nov 2023 at 03:02 PM

You can create Sales Orders within techOMS, as well as assigning the stage in the pipeline.

This article describes the steps and fields involved in the process.

NOTE: Make sure that you are operating at the right Vendor/Warehouse beforehand.

To create a Sales Order you will have to:

1. Click Sales Orders under Sales

2. Click Create to deploy the fields for creation

3. Complete the order level fields:

  • Order Number: Preassigned by the system, yet modifiable
  • Date: Date for the order
  • Status: Preassigned as Draft, modifiable manually or by the system as actions are performed
  • Channel: Preassigned depending on the used channel
  • Source: Indicates the source of the Sales Order
  • Total: Autocalculated based on the SKU content
  • Customer: Can be selected if already created, or created as detailed in How to Create a Customer [Step-by-step guide]
  • Requested Warehouse: Assign the order to a Warehouse choosing it from the dropdown
  • Requested Carrier Service: Assign the Carrier and Service Level from the dropdown
  • Cancel After: Can be set to cancel if the date limit is met
  • Fraud Risk Score (if enabled, Shopify only): Displays the Fraud Risk Score for the order

4. Displays additional fields to for:

  • Ship and Bill To information
  • Delivery dates
  • References (Reference Number and PO Number)
  • Total and Currency
  • Ship Date/After
  • Delivery/Cancel By/After
  • Contact information and notes
  • Carrier accounts data (Payment Terms, Account Number, etc.)
  • Tags
  • UOMs (Units of Measurement)

5. Allows to Add Lines and SKU information

  • Line Number: Enter the line number
  • SKU: Enter the SKU Code
  • Product Variant: Select the value from the list whenever it applies to the case
  • Quantity: Amount of SKUs in the line
  • Price: SKU unit price
  • Amount: Autocalculated full value for the SKU line

6. Save through whichever mode you consider applicable to your case:

  • Save: Saves the Sales Order in Draft mode
  • Pipeline: Allows to move forward on the steps within the process pipeline
    • Approve: Approves the order and unlocks Allocating and Fulfilling
    • Allocate & Fulfill: Allocates and Fulfills the order
    • Cancel: Allows to cancel the approved order
  • Clone: Clones the order and opens it in a new tab

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