If you need to balance Inventory, you can create Inventory Levels in techOMS to add or remove SKU counts.

NOTE: Make sure that you are operating at the right Vendor/Warehouse beforehand.

To create an Inventory Level you will have to:

1. Click Inventory Levels under Inventory

2. Click Create to deploy the fields for creation

3. Complete the fields accordingly

  • Product Variant: Product full name, begin typing the SKU name and search through the variants from the dropdown
  • Warehouse: Select the warehouse from the list
  • Warehouse SKU: Enter the Warehouse SKU value
  • Total Quantity: Indicate the total quantity
  • Available Quantity: Indicate the available quantity for the SKU

4. Press Save to apply the changes

Once the Inventory Level has been created, you can adjust it as described in How to manually Adjust Inventory Levels [Step-by-Step Guide].