Trackings not coming through or visible when techTRACK-techSHIP integration is set up [Solution]

Modified on Wed, 06 Mar 2024 at 10:33 AM

When orders are not coming through from techSHIP to techTRACK, there could be several issues involved. This article proposes solutions for several issues that could result in orders not being available.

NOTE: In this article, it is assumed that all the techSHIP to techTRACK integration and connection elements have been properly set up (enabled integration, portal, etc.) on techSHIP's end.

These are common causes for this:

  • Orders have not been manifested in techSHIP: For orders to be pushed to techTRACK, you need to make sure that these have been manifested in techSHIP, make sure you have done so as indicated in 02 - How to manifest [Step-by-Step guide]; if you Manifest on Process or automatically manifest, you can verify if the batches were manifested properly in Manifest History

  • Verify values have not changed in the integration setup: If orders were flowing previously and stopped, verify that changes were not done in the integration on techSHIP's end (portal, code prefix, etc. have been changed); if so, adjust accordingly, save and retry pushing the data or reach Techdinamics Support for help on doing so

  • Verify roles match across Warehouse, Portal and Users: It is possible that the trackings came through, but users don't have the visibility over them, and for that, the Warehouse in techTRACK must have the same role as their Portal, or the Warehouse role needs to be added to all their users, for example, if the role was WH_MYPORTAL, it should match between the Warehouse and Portal, or every user that needs visibility should be assigned to the WH_MYPORTAL role; Reach Techdinamics Support for help on doing so if you don't have access to the necessary modules

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