How to Edit Accounts of an Organization [Step-by-step guide]

Modified on Wed, 07 Feb 2024 at 11:50 AM

When an Account has been created, you will need to edit it to finish the setup.

Editing can also be used to update Account configurations.

This article details how to do both.

To do so, you will have to:

1. Click Organizations under System Settings

2. Press Edit on the row of the Organization you will work with 

3. Select the Accounts tab

4. Press Edit button 

5. Define the fields accordingly depending on the section:


  • Main: Name of the account, to identify it in lists
    • Organization: Non-editable
    • Name: Name of the account, for display in lists
    • Code: Code of the account, for the system to reference it
    • API Key: Non-editable, API Key if external interaction is required
    • Time zone: Time zone of the account

      NOTE: The Time zone will be used to convert the UTC date of the events to the selected Time Zone. Read-only and editable fields like event, messages and synchronization dates for Shipments, Channels, etc. are reflected in selected the Local Time zone, as well as 

    • Unit of Measurement
      • Size: Define the Unit of Measurement you will use for the linear size (inch, cm, etc.)
      • Weight: Define the Unit of Measurement you will use for the weight (lb, kg, carat, etc.)

        WARNING: Depending on the system you're using, the behavior and available combinations are different, make sure you verify How Units of Measurement work in techOMS [Information] first. 

    • Workflow Settings
      • Default warehouse: Select the Warehouse that will be used by default
      • Enable Automatic Sales Workflow: Allows to determine if Sales Orders workflow will work in automatic or manual mode
      • Enable Automatic Purchase Order Workflow: Allows to determine if Purchase Orders workflow will work in automatic or manual mode
      • Allow Partial Fulfillment: Determine if Partial Fulfillment is allowed or not
      • Allow Partial Receiving: Determine if Partial Receiving is allowed or not 
  • API Validation Rules: Allows to set the Status (Warning or Error) for the Carrier and Service Codes for Sales Orders, Shipments, Purchase Orders, and Receipts
  • Recurring Jobs: Allows to manage Recurring Jobs for the account
  • Warehouses: Allows to enable or disable the Warehouses that will work with the account
  • Users: Allows to configure the Users that will have access and be able to interact with the account

6. Press Save to apply the changes

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